Bloc23 Gets Underway

The block of Grays Ferry Avenue between South and Bainbridge has seen some wonderful changes in recent years. Most notably, a pedestrian plaza has claimed a section of the street for humans, creating a vibrant public space that's used all year long. Businesses like Igloo and Green Aisle Grocery have joined stalwarts like Grace Tavern, adding amenities in the neighborhood. And soon a new building at Grays Ferry & Bainbridge will add more residents and some additional commercial opportunities to the block.

View of Grays Ferry hitting Bainbridge Street

We've actually covered this property in the past, most recently a couple years ago after the ZBA gave its approval. Remember, this project was tied up for quite some time because a few near-neighbors mounted a legal challenge, forcing a series of small changes. But now, as you can see, there's some equipment on the site and construction is moving forward.

In case you don't remember the details, this project is called Bloc23 and will rise four stories. It will include 23 (double meaning for the name!) condo units, first floor retail space, and underground parking. The second floor will have ten units, the third will have nine, and the fourth floor will have four penthouse units, each with rooftop access. The project was designed by Campbell Thomas and LABhaus, and the renderings look sweet.

Same view as the image above

View on Grays Ferry

Looking west

Roof area for the penthouse units

This building will stand in contrast to the newly built Toll Brothers condo building across the street. It's not even close architecturally, and that's not even taking into account how the Toll Brothers building looks different from the project renderings. Also, Bloc23 will embrace the commercial character of the surrounding area while the Toll Brothers building will have a tiny "faux-mercial" space that they aren't actively trying to lease.

Toll Brothers project across the street

Looking at the Bloc23 renderings, we actually see images of the old garage building that was torn down in favor of the new building picured above. And we can't imagine we're alone in thinking that the demolished building looks better than the new one.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the proposed building next door to Bloc23 which we told you about awhile ago, that project is in limbo since it was denied by the ZBA. One step at a time, people! Or something like that.