Five Homes Planned at 6th & Jefferson

We've seen heaps of development close to Front Street in South Kensington lately, but today we turn our gaze to the western edge of the neighborhood. The last time we visited 6th Street, we had news of several multi-unit buildings under construction, improving a long-blighted stretch between Thompson and Master Streets. Clearly, developers are paying attention to these changes, as we just learned about plans for five new homes a block to the north at 6th & Jefferson.

View of the lot

This property has been vacant for many years, owned by the Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises since the early 1990s. While it's possible that this project is being developed by HACE (public record doesn't show a change in ownership), we'd wager a new developer has stepped in with plans for market rate housing. This theory would seem to be consistent with the sign on the site advertising five new homes with prices starting at $325K.

Sign at the property shows what's coming

As the sign says, each of the homes will have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and garage parking. The ZBA granted their approval last month, so it seems like a pretty sure thing that this project will indeed happen. We'll soon be left to speculate 1) how much more than the asking price the developers will be able to get, and 2) what this project will spur in terms of other nearby development. With two huge lots just a block to the north at 6th & Oxford, there's certainly still room to grow.